Paul Walker Agent 47 In New Hitman Reboot?

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With Fast & Furious 6  marketing just kicked off with action packed trailer it looks like Paul Walker going to make a game of things by becoming gameworld’s favourite bald headed assassin To star in reboot of The Hitman.

To be titled Agent 47 (working title only) after the genetically engineered cloned assassin’s identity number   who  also has a tattoo  of a barcode on the back of his head. The original film was directed by Xavier Gens  released in 2007 with Timothy Olyphant playing the emotionless killer who finds himself framed by his own bosses for the murder of an highly regarded Russian politician and goes on the run with Oleg Kurylenko. The film might have gained $100million in worldwide box office sales however the film was ripped to shreds by the critics and fans of the game too.

Word of a possible reboot have been around since 2009 and despite the abuse the film took from all corners Fox still see life in this film especially after the recent success of the latest video game release Hitman: Absolution. TV Advert director Aleksander Bach will be the director who is highly regarded in his field making his feature film debut but is this the type of film you want to kick off your feature career with? He will be joined by Skip Woods and Michael Finch who will rite this script, both have written the last Die Hard film Live Free Or Die Hard, Woods also scripted The Hitman along with X-Men Origins:Wolverine and A Team films that didn’t the box office alight when they where released!

Filming for Agent 47 is due to start sometime this Summer in Berlin  and Singapore after Paul Walker finishes promotion on Fast&Furious 6. Maybe whilst he’s there touring with Vin Disel could asking for a few hair grooming tips! On a serious note are cinephiles really crying out for another The Hitman film or is this Fox trying cash in on a success of a video game’s profit, film fans know the score when it comes to video game movie adaptations sadly the relationship is very poor.

Source: Deadline