New Iron Man 3 Poster Don Cheadle Shows Off Stars And Stripes


When it comes to doing things the the ‘American Way’ The Iron Patriot knows the score when represent the flag as we Don Cheadle show off his new stars and stripes suit in new poster for Iron Man 3.

Don Cheadle will once again play Tony Stark’s best friend James Rhodes and this new poster showing off his new War Machine gear suggesting he’ll play a bigger part in movie 3. Does the design suggest he’ll be the bodyguard to the vice president (like in the comic book)? What we’ve seen in the previous spots and trailer Iron Man will certainly need his friend by his side as his moral is stripped thanks to Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and the nasty scientist (Guy Pearce) whose working on Iron Man’s super weapon.

As per usual we expect to be many more character posters from Iron Man 3 other main characters to be arriving soon. Shane Black looks like he’s given Iron Man franchise a darker grittier feel which should appeal to older comic geeks.

Iron Man 3 Stars Ben KingsleyDon Cheadle,Gywneth Paltrow,Guy Pearce, Rebecca HallAshley Hamilton and James Badge Dale. with the film arriving in UK&Ireland 26th April, 3rd May USA.


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