‘Behind every great man, there stands a woman’ (Hitchcock Feature)

Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary success has influenced Hollywood’s filmmaking in bone chilling, seat jumping ways; yet he could not have done it with without Alma, his wife and creative partner. As the heart of his career, their love story overcomes obstacles and enjoys great triumphs together.

To mark the upcoming release of Hitchcock, a love story about one of the century’s most powerful couples, we have compiled a list of a few of today’s greatest couples that influence the world, hand in hand.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge & Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge


More often known as ‘Wills and Kate’ this royal couple is the symbol of British royalty. Since 2001 when the two met at St. Andrews University, they have overcome every problem in the book with their relationship, and the media, creating strain. On the 29th of April 2011 they came out stronger than ever to tie the knot. Today they are second in line, behind William’s father, to reign over sixteen independent sovereign states.

Barack & Michelle Obama


44th and current President and First Lady of the United States of America, Barack and Michelle take on the third largest populated country and the largest single economy with nothing but ease in their poise. Even as Barack starts his second term, the two always present warm smiles and charisma in every picture taken , as if all the world’s in complete peace as long as they are side by side.

Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger


Film’s most dynamic duo work with Harry Potter to defeat Voldemort throughout J.K. Rowlings famous story turned into movie series. It is no surprise that as a couple, Hermione’s over-achieving and clever personality blend perfectly to balance out Ron’s clumsy and immature personality. The two stick together and symbolize unity throughout the twisting-turning events.

Jay-Z & Beyonce


With over 30 Grammys between the two, there is no wonder Jay- Z and Beyonce stand together as the most influential duo in the music industry. Since tying the knot in April of 2008, the couple had their first baby together named Blue Ivy Carter. After only 5 months, Beyonce got on the stage again for a four-day, sold-out performance.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie


Hollywood’s most influential actor and actress, Brad and Angelina paired up seven years and two children ago. Aside from raising a family, they have also built an empire together with each other’s Hollywood careers. Last year they made a total of $45 million joint. Though not married just yet, the ludicrously photogenic couple have finally planned to tie the knot this year.

Alfred & Alma Hitchcock


One of Hollywood’s most significant directors, insiders claim that Alfred could not have done it without the creativity of his wife Alma. In the biographical film, Hitchcock, we discover the untold love story behind his career as his films gained more popularity and respect, especially during the making of his seminal film PSYCHO.

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