What If All Gangster Films Where…..Scottish!

We do love our ‘What If Scenarios’ here at the peoples movies. Let’s take a very very popular genre of gangster films and posed the question:
“What if all Gangster Films were Scottish?” Been a connoisseur of all things Scottish, (well I am Scottish!) I’m might be one of those better equipped to answer that question which is answer in this short video…..

you probably hadn’t a clue what I said there, Us Scots are an unique race of people with a dialect, native tongue even other parts of UK including Scotland itself! Whoever put together this brilliant little video has even included clips from upcoming Scottish based thriller The Wee Man which gets a limited release this Friday (18th January)  starring Martin Compston, John Hannah, Lorna McMonagleClare Grogan and Stephen McCole  the film also stars Hollywood veteran Patrick Bergin(PATRIOT GAMES, SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY) with Rita Tushingham.

The Wee Man is based on the extraordinary and well-documented life-story of the reformed Glaswegian gangster Paul Ferris, check out the trailer here

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