Watch The Impressive First Trailer For Coen Bros Inside Llewyn Davis

Well it’s good to see them back doing hat they do best entertain us with fantastic films and the long awaited next film Inside Llewyn Davis the first trailer has arrived online and we’re mighty impressed.

Based loosely on Dave Van Ronk’s memoir The Mayor Owhich does seem to capturef MacDougal Street starring Oscar Isaac as the eponymous 1960′ folk icon Llewyn Davis who went onto inspire the likes of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell. The story is located in Greenwich Village New York City showcasing Davis struggle to find his and find a place that appreciates his talents.

Inside Llewyn Davies is the siblings long awaited follow up from True Grit and after November’s dreadful Gambit which we don’t like to call a Coen Bros film as the brothers only  wrote the script. This trailer you get a good sense of the tone of the film as well as visual tone too, the cinematography is elegant and seems to capture the 1960’s really well, you even get treated some great sounds of the era too. This could be the film the excels Oscar Isaac to the top, a highly underrated actor who deserves the credit but what surprises us the most is Carey Mulligan playing Davies girlfriend Jean Berkey. Mulligan scolds Davis constantly making him look like a easy target, its a departure from the vulnerable type character we’ve seen her play before .

Inside Llewyn Davies doesn’t have a official distributor so there’s no word the exact release date though next there seems to be an American preview screening which suggests a distrobutor  might be on the cards. The film also stars  Justin Timberlake, Garret Hedlund, Adam Driver and F. Murray Abraham

source: ThePlaylist