The Top Ten Cinema Scene-Stealers (Les Miserables Feature)


It’s nearly time to hear the people sing as tomorrow as Les Miserables arrives in UK&Irish cinemas nationwide. The question is how epic, how loyal is the cinematic adaptation to the stage version? The hyperbole for Les Miserables is unbelievable, review after review lining up to praise Tom Hooper’s adaptation. Since the marketing for the film kicked off there’s one scene critics, fans have been talking about is Anne Hathaway’s tear jerking song I Dreamed A Dream, it could be the moment that wins a her an Oscar.These sort of scenes are called scene stealers and to celebrate tomorrow’s cinema release we have chosen ten scene stealer through out cinematic history, enjoy!

Yul Brynner in Westworld
It is rare that the sci-fi and western genres combine, but if Westworld is anything to go by then it should happen more often. Yul Brynner’s turn as a silent robotic gunslinger causing terror throughout a western theme park is still one of the coolest film performances of all time.

Nathan Lane in The Birdcage
Slightly more light-hearted than Westworld, is The Birdcage – the US remake of French classic, La Cage Aux Folles. Nathan Lane’s ever-screaming turn as drag artiste Starrina is one of the most memorable characters in nineties comedy.  Just watch the dinner party sequence with Lane in full Barbara Bush get-up and you’ll be in agreement.

Jennifer Coolidge in The American Pie Series
The name Stifler’s Mom will still bring a smile to the face of every person from a certain generation, with the character being truly cemented into pop-culture.  Jennifer Coolidge packed the role with a saucy sexual prowess and showcased her perfect comic ability as the ultimate MILF.

Jean-Claude Van Damme in The Expendables 2
After multiple hiatuses from the big screen, Jean-Claude Van Damme made a triumphant return in action sequel, The Expendables 2. JCVD shined as ruthless villain Jean Vilain, reminding us all that he is the king of action cinema.

Mae West in Myra Breckinridge
Sultry screen queen Mae West made her big screen comeback at age 77 in the (undeservedly) critically panned Myra Breckinridge, after a 27 year break from cinema. West amped up the innuendo and remaining sex appeal as man-hungry talent scout, Leticia Van Allen, leaving us with a magnificent performance that needs to be seen to be believed.

Christopher Walken and Grace Jones in A View to a Kill
This list could be comprised of ten Christopher Walken scene stealing turns alone – after all, this is a man that could go from playing a broken down Vietnam vet to a live-action Puss in Boots. However, I’ve chosen Roger Moore’s last Bond film, A View to a Kill as his ultimate scene-stealing performance.  Walken’s performance as Max Zorin was filled with trademark Walkenism and glimpses of demented madness. His twisted sidekick, May Day played by Grace Jones, also went down as one of the intimidating villains in Bond hisory.

Olivia Newton-John in A Few Best Men
Clean-cut pop queen, Olivia Newton-John made her return to acting in raunchy Australian comedy A Few Best Men and was the only thing worth watching in it. ONJ shined as a party-loving matriarch desperate to bury her face in a pile of coke or swing from chandeliers singing YMCA.

Willem Dafoe in The Boondock Saints
Willem Dafoe’s performance as campy police detective Paul Smecker in The Boondock Saints, is by far one of the stars most amusing. Seeing the often intense actor make cheeky comments or go undercover in drag makes for a truly hilarious watch.

Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones in Under Siege
Stealing a scene from Steven Seagal is unlikely to be a challenge for any actor, but cult favourite Gary Busey and the generally brilliant Tommy Lee Jones made it look like a walk in the park in Under Siege. The pair’s villainous team up was the main saving grace of  this warship set actioner.

Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables
We are only a week or so into 2013 and no other film like Les Miserables has split audience and critics opinions. Whatever one thinks about the film, it would be impossible to deny that Anne Hathaway’s heartfelt rendition of I Dreamed A Dream left a few with a lump in their throat!

Les Miserables will be released in UK&Ireland from Friday 11th January.

Andrew McArthur