Shooting Wraps On Mark Harris The Broken

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After a 6-week shoot in London and the USA Mark Harris scripted The Broken has now official finished  filming and principal photogaphy. The Broken is a thriller of international variety with locations varying from the sun drenched Sunset Boulevard, slums of Los Angeles to the streets of Lambeth in London. The international  label isn’t just with the films locations The Broken stars a host of international acting talent including Mark Harris (Outside Bet, Offender), Felix Ryan (NCIS), Kyle Summercorn (Misfits), Rhea Bailey (The Mentalist)and Deji Laray (CSI: NY).

Synopsis :After the loss of his beloved son and a traumatic term in prison, all Matt Hollis wants is to be reunited with his estranged wife, Alison and daughter Lara. Certain that a break is all that they need to get back on track, Matt scrapes together enough money to take the family to America.

In LA, the Hollis’ find themselves in a palatial holiday home that seems too good to be true. Everything is perfect until, one night Alison is savagely beaten and Lara taken from her bed.

Terrified that he is about to lose his family all over again, Matt is desperate to find his daughter and makes contact with his old friend Syan who suggests that Lara may be the victim of an illegal child adoption ring. With the police on their tail, the two men embark in pursuit of Lara’s kidnappers and uncover a prolific ring of traffickers who sell innocent children to the highest bidder, servicing even the highest echelons of society’s elite.

Already sold to a childless couple, Lara will soon be lost and Matt and Syan must reach her before she becomes another victim of the trafficking trade.

The Broken is set for a August release in UK&Ireland ,The film is written by Marc Small and Davie Fairbanks and is based on an original story by Mark Harris. The feature will be directed by Simon Phillips (GBH). The Broken also stars Anna NightingaleHonor Kneafsey and Rita Ramnani