Paul Walker is Fast& Furious With Wrong Car In Vehicle 19 Trailers

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If anyone has ever hired a car you know the so called task should be simple to easy to do but when you go and choose the car make sure its the right one or you’ll have the whole city after you like in the trailers for Vehicle 19.

Just when you thought your day was bad enough when the car rental places add the extra hidden charges on top but with Paul Walker (Fast& Furious franchise) behind the wheel it will be the last thing on your mind! Vehicle 19 sees Mr Walker head back into familiar territory been chased in a car when he gets recently released paroled heads to South Africa to try sort things out with his wife. He hires a car but when he arrives to collect the car but reluctantly takes the car with no knowledge that a mobile phone has been stashed in the car with a gun and a young woman tied up in the boot. He realizes he’s got the wrong vehicle and a woman (Naima McLean) who has evidence of the local copshop involved in dirty deeds finding himself now framed for crimes he did not commit and alone in a city he does not know about.

Vehicle 19 is actually an South African film directed by  Mukunda Michael Dewil which seems to follow the  same lines of Ryan Reynolds Buried which evolved into Stephen Dorff’s Brake and now the victim has freedom to move in front of the wheel. Despite the generic feel to the film Paul Walker does look comfortable in this role especially as its all familiar territory to him. There’s 2 trailers first been American version with the second trailer from Japan which does deliver a little more promise this might be a decent action flick.

No word on any UK&Irish release but I’m sure with an American release on the cards Vehicle 19 might find itself driving into a cinema or possibly a DVD player near you. The film also stars Gys de Villiers, Leyla Haidarian, and Andrian Mazive.