JJ Abrams To Direct Star Wars Episode 7?

May the force be with you as you boldly go where no JJ Abrams has gone before….direct Star Wars Episode 7! He re-invented Star Trek so can he sprinkle his magic and can he do the same with Star Wars the greatest science fiction film franchise? Lucasfilms and Disney think he can!

Back in November when Disney bought Lucasfilms for $4 billion it shocked the film world but it was more the fact the deal  paved the way for another trilogy for star wars which made some people question the need for more films? But force was too good for cinephiles  especially as George Lucas was to take a back seat  and now the news of JJ Abrams  I’m sure will bring the buzz Lucas dreamed for when he released episode one in unglorious 3d!

TheWrap are reporting that the saviour of Star Wars JJ Abrams has been confirmed but like any gossip until we here straight from the horses mouth  Disney Pictures as it seems the negotiations are still far off from been done and dusted. We’ve been hearing about Matthew Vaughn been the possible director when when his good friend Jason Flemyng let slip at the uk Seven Psychopaths UK premiere, nothing came from it however it now seems Ben Affleck might have been in contention too.

As in what direction the new films may go it looks like Mickey’s house is trying to follow one of their other companies Marvel instead of having sequel after sequel, they hope to eventually make films based on individual characters possibly setting things up then for a sequel. So are you really ready for more than just a franchise?

With Abrams next film Star Trek Into Darkness due this summer you can expect non stop questions when the press conferences kick off, hopefully by then Disney will have things done and dusted so we can look forward to Star Trek and Star Wars Episode 7! Nameless Star Wars Episode 7 is due to arrive 2015 with a new film every 2 years later.



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