Hasta La Vista Baby One Last Red Band Trailer For The Last Stand


Well after 10 years not leading the line in a new film Arnold Schwarzenegger in 3 weeks time will finally live up to one of his classic slogans (I’ll be back) when he stars in The Last Stand and we have one final red band trailer for your viewing pleasure.

The Last Stand sees Arnie a New York Cop come Mexican small  border town sheriff seeking the quiet life who finds himself protecting his town from a band of escaped criminals attempting to get over the border. This new trailer for been a red band its a little mild side , bleep words but as this trailers shows off some some kills which are on the spoiler side so maybe if you want to keep the fun (or lack of it depending how you look at this film) I would wait and watch this after its out!

Let’s be honest here the big Austrian acting chops aren’t what you call Oscar worthy however his charisma is larger in life so seeing Terminator in a lead role is more on a nostalgic level. He’s no 25 year old anymore and in previous trailers, clips little humorous  jibes that he’s no spring chicken anymore anyhow we have high hopes watching some throwback entertainment from the golden of 1980’s. Kim Ji-woon  is a big favorite at The People’s Movies as the cult Korean horror I Saw The Devil is a regular in our bluray player though the likelihood of that The Last Stand will have the same level of gore and violence are nil. We’re not saying this one won’t be entertaining, Ji-Woon’s style is an unique style and The Last Stand will be a ‘softer’ introduction to Hollywood.

The Last Stand will arrive in UK&Ireland 24th January 2013 one week after it arrives in USA. The film co stars Johnny Knoxville, Forest Whitaker, Eduardo Noriega, Rodrigo Santoro, Jaimie Alexander, Peter Stormare, Genesis Rodriguez and Zach Gilford.