Go Behind The Scenes With 12 Minute Silver Linings Playbook Featurette

In 4 weeks time the 2013 Oscars will be here the most glamorous night on the cinema calendar one film tat has anticipation for nearly every major category is David O Russell‘s Silver Lining Playbook. The film may have disappeared from majority of British & Irish cinemas but over the other side of the Atlantic the film is still going strong now entered the US Top 5 and now living up to it’s reputation as a commercial success deserving of those 8 Oscar nominations. Now with a few weeks to go until the big night, film studios will push for us to consider their film  for the little golden trophies tonight we have a 12 minute behind the scenes featurette with cast doing their best to sell the film.

I’ve not seen Silver Linings Playbook I’m convinced and would like to see it, have you seen this film? Are you like me never seen the film so are you convinced? Check out the featurette below…


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