Evil Dead First Cut Gets NC-17 Certificate

Are you surprised? We’re not, Evil Dead reboot director Fede Alvarez has revealed the first cut of the film has been given the NC-17 rating by The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

After several gore-tastic trailers which raised the intensity levels of the film questioning the fact this new version of the film may actually be better than the original also after sliced tongues,torn limbs and vomiting blood what rating could the film get? In USA it looks a little confusing to an outsider, Ill try my best to explain NC-17 rating which Evil Dead was submitted for  means no one under 17 can attend even with adult. As a result of this Alvarez has had to go back into the editing room and trim the film down  and submitted for an R Rating which means anyone under  17 could attend with an adult plus the film is not limited to what time it can be advertised on tv either!

Alvarez has also tweeted his reaction to the Evil Dead’s rating:


If anything the understanding of the American rating system maybe more confusing but our understanding it’s similar set we have with 12A and 15 but NC-17/R are higher ratings. However the official American rating doesn’t make the film actually less intense, graphic and we don’t know exactly how many minutes have been chopped so we can only be talking a few minutes. It’s common practice even here in UK, very few films now days get extreme cuts and when they do usually they just don’t release the film at all or what we expect with Evil Dead fully uncut when the  Blu-Ray, DVD is released.

So R Rating would that mean Evil Dead will get a 18 certificate from BBFC? All will be revealed soon and you can see the Evil Dead when its released in UK&Ireland 19th April one week after the American release.

Source: Twitter

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