Watch The Short That Made The Legend Sam Raimi’s Within The Woods


Horror fans and fans of all things Sam Raimi this new short film is a must as its the short film that inspired the horror legend better known ‘Evil Dead’ ‘ stop that press and enjoy Within The Woods. The 1978 30 minute short film created by Sam Raimi starring Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss as well Scott Spiegel who years later becomes his regular producer. Shot on a $1600 (£1200) budget Within The Woods was created as a ‘presentation’ to help Raimi get the funds he required to make the the now horror cult classics and the rest as you say it is history. The quality of this film isn’t perfect very low-fi but that’s ok when it comes to something a source of cinematic horror history we just want to enjoy the ride!

Evil Dead Remake will be arriving in UK&Ireland 7 days after USA on April 19th.