10 Great James Bond Kills (Feature)

It only requires two kills to reach 00 status, but Bond obviously thinks more is better. Below are ten of the best, scenes included!
10. “You Earned It, You Keep It” – License to Kill – 1989

Money speaks, but so do sharks!

9. “It’s a Smith and Wesson and You’ve had Your Six” – Dr. No – 1962

Not knowing your weapon is the typical bad guy mistake.

8. “Take a Giant Step for Mankind” – For Your Eyes Only – 1981

Bond misquotes Neil Armstrong in this hilarious karate kick kill!

7. “For England James” – Goldeneye – 1995

..no, for me!

6. “You Missed Mr. Bond” – Moonraker – 1979

Apparently the bad guy forgot to duck!

5. “She Always Did Enjoy a Good Squeeze” – Goldeneye – 1995

Witty one liners are a must have for any hero.

4. “You Did Want Me to Drop In” – The Spy Who Loved Me – 1977

Trying to have the last word never pays off.

3. “You Wouldn’t Kill Me, You’d Miss Me” – The World Is Not Enough – 1999

Bond is quite the ladies’ man, in more than one way.

2. “Spider” – Dr. No – 1962

Bond is good at eliminating all the bad guys, not just the humans.

1. “Listen to Me” – Casino Royale – 2006
The high flying parkour action and intensity of Daniel Craig may just make this scene from Casion Royale

the best action scene, and kill, any Bond movie has ever pulled off.

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-Zack Mandell

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