Welcome To R’s World With The First 4 Minutes Of Warm Bodies


The power of love does wonderful things to people in Warm Bodies it even goes as far as ‘cure’ a undead human from the zombie plague making them normal once again as he falls in love with a teenage girl! Nicholas Hoult stars as R a zombie who falls in love with Julie ( Teresa Palmer), but doesn’t remember his name, even his age how he became a fully paid member of the undead. Over a period of time his love grows for Julie which miraculously R starts to become human again which also effects the other zombies who start to act more human again however R has a big problem Julies Father (John Malkovich) who refuses to believe R is becoming human once again.

Thanks to the good folks over at  Fandango have exclusively released online Warm Bodies first 4 minutes from the film which have R introducing his world, the zombie world. It sets up a nice tone for the film especially in the humour department and you might not think it that way Jonathan Levine’s(50/50) film with the likes of Shaun of The Dead though with a more original take on something cliche driven, so far very promising.

Warm Bodies also stars Rob CorddryDave Franco, and Analeigh Tipton and will be released in UK&Ireland 8th February 2013, 1 week after USA.