Watch The Original MAMA Short With TV Spots For Feature Version

We have shown this short before but like all good things they are either taken down or just simply worth checking out and Andreas and Barbara Muschietti’s horror short Mama is one of those worth watching once again. The last time we checked this film out many people through in their support to seeing this film become a feature and this February the wish will come true with shock master Guillermo Del Toro producing.

Before the feature film starring Jessica Chastain , Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Headhunters) hit’s the cinemas nationwide it would be good to check this film out which now has an introduction from Del Toro explaining his reasons, inspiration for getting behind this project. As well as the short film with The Guillermo Del Toro introduction we have 2 TV Spots for the feature version, show some tiny bits of new footage  revealing they maybe a few brown trouser moments lying ahead for us. The question is with the short film only been less than 3 minutes long how can they stretch the film version to 100 minutes long? (watch full trailer here).

Mama tells the tale of Lucas ( Coster-Waldau) and  Annabel (Chastain) his girlfriend who end becoming surrogate parents To Lucas’ nieces who were left alone in the forest after the death of their parents though they might have not been alone after all!

Mama also stars Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nelisse with the film arriving in UK&Ireland 22nd February (USA 18th January 2013).