Vengeance On The Cards In Dead Man Down Trailer Starring Colin Farrell


He is probably the main film director behind Noomi Rapace becoming a household name outside her Native Sweden, Niels Arden Oplev and he’ll be working once again with The Girl on Dead Man Down, check out the first trailer.

Starring Colin Farrell as Victor a right hand man of a New York crimelord who seeks revenge against his boss when his wife and daughter are killed. Victor’s path crosses with Beatrice (Rapace) who blackmails Victor in order to seek her own revenge against the same crimelord leading to the pair getting stuck in the crossfire, with both joining forces to get the revenge they seek.

Put aside the generic sounding name Dead Man Down deoes feel like it has a noir-ish feel to it, solid, plenty of  explosive action no thanks to Neal H Moritz (Fast&Furious franchise) but nicely balanced thanks to the style and flair of Arden Oplev. One way to look at Dead Man Down if this was directed by an middle of the road American director this would probably would have been a generic action thriller but as this is a film from a ‘non-holywood’ director things do look a little more promising.

Dead Man Down, doesn’t have a UK&Irish release date but American cinephiles can catch this 8th March. The film also stars Dominic CooperTerrence HowardIsabelle Huppert and Armand Assante.

Here’s an extended trailer which was released a few days later