Superman Goes Emo In Second Dramatic Man Of Steel UK Trailer

If you were wondering if the Man Of Steel teaser trailers was all style, question what approach Zack Synder was taking  with it’s Terrence Malick  esque approach, but now a full trailer has arrived is this the most serious incarnation ever created?

The new trailer showcases the emotional impact Clark Kent in his formative years and his journey of acceptance that’s acceptance of  humans with his god like powers and the fact he may interfere in life or death situations. But if your thinking Man Of Steel has given up the ole’ red cape for a My Chemical Romance tee by going all emo you’ll be glad to know the second half of the trailer is given up to some action. It is in this part of the trailer amongst the flying debris and explosions we do get a brief glimpse of Genral Zod (Michael Shannon) and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) though in the original films both characters play a big part in those films as for Man Of Steel there’s no indication how much this time.

There is a whiff of Dark Knight Rises feel to the film but enough to have it’s own identity,but of course Krypton’s finest will have the future of the planet on his shoulders. 2013 might not be here yet but we can safely say Man Of Steel is making big moves to make sure its the most anticipated film of summer 2013!

Man Of Steel will be released 14th June 2013 and stars Henry CavillAmy AdamsMichael Shannon, Kevin CostnerDianeLaneLaurence FishburneAntje TraueAyelet ZurerChristopher Meloni, and Russell Crowe.


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