Poor People Invented Salads, Watch First Trailer For Pain And Gain

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Remember Bad Boys? Yes? It seems the fun element of Michael Bay‘s films maybe returning as the first trailer for his pre-Transformers testosterone fuelled slobber knocker Pain And Gain has arrived online.

Pain And Gain  looks like it’s stepped right out of the 1990’s it looks an adrenalin fuelled nostalgic back to the Baymeister’s early days with some style, action, colour, ridiculously escapist fun that gave the Bay the reputation big computerised tinmen started fighting each other in our back yards. Plenty muscle on show as well as hot pretty bikini clad girls on show but this is a Bay film so what do you expect? But this is also the director’s most grounded and least expensive film to date, no CGI , Cities been blown to smithering by giant CGI robots, 100% all human , its like a reminder to Bay how much fun he can have without a special effects team!

Starring Mark Whalberg , Dwayne The Rock Johnson star as body builders looking for a better life  who end up kidnapping a rich businessman after been caught up in a extortion ring. After leaving their victim for dead things take a drastic turn for the worse as the victim becomes the hunter when he hires a PI to seek revenge on his kidnappers. Don’t laugh this is based on a true story but thanks to a good cast at the Baymeister’s disposal it looks like they all had a fun time especially Whalberg and Johnson who seem to have a nice onscreen comedic chemistry going which is only good news for the film. It feel like the past few years Bay has had a monkey on his back probably called CGI and Pain and Gain is evidence that the monkey has given him a break to deliver something that looks vintage Bay.

Pain And Gain will be with us 3rd May 2013 1 week after USA. The film also stars Anthony MackieRob CorddryEd HarrisJohn Turturro,Tony Shalhoub and Rebel Wilson.

Pain  And  Gain tells the true story of a gang of Miami bodybuilders entitled the “Sun Gym Gang” who get involved with extortion, kidnapping, and murder. Mark WahlbergDwayne Johnson (both playing the roles of incompetently murderous weightlifters) and Ed Harris all have starring roles in the film. Harris plays private detective Ed Du Bois who attempts to crack the case after the Miami PD fails to do so.

source: Michael Bay’s website