Martin Sheen Confirmed For The Amazing Spiderman 2

If you know the Spiderman story ,and seen the recent retelling of the Spiderman origins, The Amazing Spiderman  you’ll know Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben played by Martin Sheen was killed. Despite his character’s onscreen death, Martin Sheen has confirmed he will be returning once again to reprise his role for Amazing Spiderman 2

They’ve called me back” said Sheen. “I don’t know what the part is gonna be, but I’m going to be Uncle Ben once again in Spider-Man next year. We shoot it in February.

You maybe wondering if Marc Webb will do a Dallas style comeback ala Bobby Ewing coming out of shower scene, you’ll be rather disappointed. Uncle Ben won’t be coming back from the dead but will be seen through flashbacks as he was a strength in Peter Parker’s life who as we know is still tormented by his death and his part which lead to his uncles death.

With a shroud of mystery still surrounding the death or disappearance of Peter’s parents it is hoped we’ll either find out out what really happened with the third film the big showdown or the third film is where we’ll find out what really happened. Things are slowly taking shape before filming starts in February with Dane Dehaan onboard as Harry Osborn, Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane Watson and Jamie Foxx to be the film’s antagonist Electro over the next few weeks we should here about more new cast additions.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone will return to play their roles with ,The Amazing Spider-Man 2 scheduled to  open in the UK on 18 April 2014.

source:Worst Previews