Good Men Wear Masks, Second Trailer For The Lone Ranger Yee-hah!

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 Good men wear masks and I seek Justice Kimosabe  annd so they will Summer 2013 and tonight the second trailer for Disney’s The Lone Ranger rides into the internet sunset…Yee-Hah!

Gore Verbinski, Jerry Bruckheimer  join together once more to make sure Johnny Depp is involved in our Summer blockbuster film schedule in one way or the other. 10 years after they introduced the world to Jack Sparrow they will be hoping once again the world will embrace Tonto with a new money spinning franchise,but will cinephiles embrace the popular pulp Western hero to the sound of $$$?

The first teaser was all about Johnny thankfully this new trailer its Armie Hammer time though don’t despair Johnny gets a fair share of screen time too mixed in with lashings of new footage.This trailer is good but a little less confident than the first trailer mixing gritty elements with humour more at home with Captain Jack Sparrow an indication Disney want this to be their latest cash cow. Not 100% sold on Johnny’s Native American accent, it’ an imbalanced trailer however the first trailer did the selling to keep us interested along with finding how the hell Silver the horse got himself up in a tree!

Synopsis:The Lone Ranger, a thrilling adventure infused with action and humor, in which the famed masked hero  is brought to life through new eyes.  Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Armie Hammer), a man of the law, into a legend of justice—taking the audience on a runaway train of epic surprises and humorous friction as the two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption

The Lone Ranger also stars Tom Wilkinson, William Fichtner, Barry Pepper, James Badge Dale, Ruth Wilson and Helena Bonham Carter. The film is die for a 9th August 2013 UK&Ireland release.