Crave The Zombie Love In New 60 Second Warm Bodies Trailer

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An old neighbour said to me yesterday ‘Paul, the world falling apart too many bizzare things going on’ I wonder if he was talking about  Jonathan Levine‘s zombie love story Warm Bodies which has a New 60 second trailer! With Twilight Saga now finished anything remotely targeted at the same demographics as Twilight seems to be called ‘the new twilight’ and Warm Bodies is one of those films. Let’s get one thing straight here Warm Bodies is not Twilight and to be frank this trailer as well as the previous 2 trailer have done more what Twilight has did with all 5 films combined. Not saying this is perfect film but it’s a lot stronger, funnier better looking film, a nice original spin on the Zombie sub genre.

Based on a Isaac Marion novel of the same name Nicholas Hoult stars as R a zombie who falls in love with Julie ( Teresa Palmer), but doesn’t remember his name, even his age how he became a fully paid member of the undead. Over a period of time his love grows for Julie which miraculously R starts to become human again which also effects the other zombies who start to act more human again however R has a big problem Julies Father (John Malkovich) who refuses to believe R is becoming human once again.

Warm Bodies also stars Rob CorddryDave Franco, and Analeigh Tipton and will be released in UK&Ireland 8th February 2013, 1 week after USA.

source: Yahoo