Watch The Skyfall Opening Credits, Sound Featurette & 007 Doc

After spending several years at university studying to be a graphic designer I might have not have got the job I wanted but the designers eye for good design is still there and one of the things I love is Film credit sequences. Skyfall has been the talk of film fans and critics the past few weeks and even 3 weeks after it’s release the film is still dominating the box office worldwide. When it comes to films sometimes the actual film title credit sequences sometimes determine if I’ll the film or not if I’ll enjoy the film and designer Daniel Kleinman  does create a fantastic sequence for Skyfall. The graphic combine some great animation, graphics and bits of footage really setting the tone for the film and if you have seen the film the credits are quite narrative with a few references to the film however nothing is really spoiled.

If enjoyed the sound from the film or simply have a interest in sound design within a film this really cool featurette will do the job for you.

Finally we have Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 a fantastic 98 minute documentary looking at the history of the iconic spy James Bond and the creation of the 23 film franchise.

So looking for something to enjoy the next 2 hours? The above 3 videos are well worth a look, so why not grab your favorite snacks and drinks and have a couple of hours in the company with Bond that’s James Bond.

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