Trailer & Prequel For Doctor Who Christmas Special The Snowmen

It’s November and tonight BBC’s annual Children In Need which means Doctor Who time. The annual televised charity event has become the home to launch the mini-episode/prequel plus trailer for Christmas day special.

The episode will be called The Snowmen and in true tradition of Christmas the episode will introduce the doctor’s new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman who plays a character called Clara. Regular viewers will be familiar with the actress who played in Asylum Of The Daleks episode but if they are the same character or remotely connected we don’t know at this point.

Also tonight the minisode or prequel to The Snowmen was played out called The Great Detective set in Victorian England which see the return of  Silurian Madame Vastra and her cohort Jenny. The trio are investigating the possibility that Earth is in danger from the Moonites, not the Moomins though that would make an interesting episode to watch as well!

All will be revealed on Christmas Day, 25th December!