Microchips Record Everything Watch Action Packed Sci-Fi Short Memorize

Whilst we may not always give the credit CGI deserves,Jimmy Eriksson and Eric Ramberg’s action packed sci-fi short Memorize proves the technology has a few beneficial tricks up it’s sleeve. If your opposed Identity cards with chips in them containing everything you need to know about yourself (good & bad) , in Memorize 15 years from now we’ll all have chips embedded into our necks!

In 2027 The SSU – Special Surveillance Unit track all our moves to make sure no crime is committed, Earth is simply a Police state. When a SSU agent attempts  track down an suspected killer that perfect system to prevent crime show the agent it has ‘problems’. As we slowly move towards becoming a ‘Police State’ I’m sure the Police force of today would love to get their hands on some of those gadgets and control those among us  who love to be on the wrong side of the law. Memorize is a very slick looking film with nice CGI touches and with a big doze of Minority Report thrown in, just remember don’t think about things that could be construed as ‘criminal’ or you’ll have The SSU breathing down your back!

Memorize – Short Film from Jimmy Eriksson on Vimeo.

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