It’s Leatherface Time! New Trailer & TV Spot For Texas Chainsaw 3D!

You ask yourself sometimes ‘how many times do they have remake these films?’ As long as there’ cash to be made the film studio will keep dishing them out. Now with the studios got the added bonus of the gimmick called 3D, it’s happened onces and it’s happening again behold Texas Chainsaw 3D is coming and we have a new trailer & TV Spot!
Ok we did sound a little negative there which is a little unfair because this new version of the classic Tobe Hooper who just happen to give this version his seal of approval does actually look a fun film. 2013 version is actually been promoted as the ‘true sequel’ to the 1974 cult horror going back to Newt, Texas to see why Leatherface still has his ‘temper tantrums’ when a distant relative of the Sawyer clan Heather who has inherited a Texas estate from her grandmother who she knew nothing about. With Hooper’s approval this one should please hardcore fans of the franchise as well as horror fans, the new videos do show loads of new footage and suggestions if you choose the gimmick 3D version bloody things might come in yourdirection!

Texas Chainsaw 3D will be splattering its way into UK& Irish, USA cinemas on 4th January 2013. The film stars Alexandra Daddario, Scott Eastwood, Bill Moseley,Tania Raymonde, Paul Rae, and Dan Yeager.