History of 007 Infographic

2 weeks ago Skyfall was officially released and we can clearly say Sam Mendes has put 007 back on the film map after the disappointing Quantum of Solace.With Skyfall already becoming the best opening in UK, overtaking The Dark Knight Rises and with American film fans today (9th November) finally getting a chance to see the film, it’s looking like Skyfall will become the most successful Bond ever. To celebrate the release of Bond’s 23rd film Skyfall,In the U.S,Cable TV have created a timeline of 007’s 50 years on the silver screen. It highlights the actors who have played Bond, the cars he drove, the guns he used, and the villains he famously fought to save the world.

You’ve met the Bond girls, you learned about the gadgets and cars along with the best 2 wheelers Bond has ever drove now it’s time for a little more history! You can read our Skyfall review here and catch up on our Bond coverage here.

Infographic: The History of 007
Via: CableTV.com