Watch The David Fincher Halo 4 Official Live Action Trailer

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It’s been talk of the internet the past few weeks especially among gamers however Halo 4 has been getting the attention of the non gamers, the cinephiles among us as the trailer comes courtesy of David Fincher.Since Halo 3 Microsoft have been commissioning live action trailers for their popular franchise game, some may question why spend the money on these trailers, well the sales worldwide do the talking and when it attracts the likes of David Fincher to produce it reflects the stature of the game. Halo 4 sees the return of the Master chief  whose mind is violated by a powerful new enemy, who in searching for Chief’s weaknesses, finds the source of his strength. This trailer delves into the chief’s painful history and a glimpse at the enemy he’ll face in the next game…the Prometheans.

Whatever you think about gaming or Halo in general this looks very intense, very stylish, is this further evidence a Halo should be a full length feature film? Enjoy and leave your thoughts below in the comments.