Try To Remain Calm And Watch Official Trailer For UFO

From Comic book London Gangsters  to paranormal experiences on airplanes so what’s left for British filmmaker Dominic Burns? Try to remain calm as we about to tell you, Dominic Burns new film UFO will be Alien Invasion film and behold the first trailer has arrived!

Whilst Roland Emmerich may have had the money of Hollywood behind him, Dominic Burns shows the opposite end of things with a British Independent film but proves money doesn’t always mean it’s a better film. UFO has an secret weapon which gets revealed near the end of the the trailer…Jean Claude Van Damme!!! Yes JVCD in an UK indie and he’s ass-kicking aliens all in the name of man kind or is he just an chaperone as daddy’s little girl Bianca Bree is also in this film too! talking of children of famous acting parents  Sean Bronson son of Pierce also stars in UFO let’s hope he has the Bond Midas touch to save mankind too!

The Uk & Irish film industry may not be glowing or as big as our American counterparts however we do support our industry during these hard times! UFO is set for a 2013 release date, possibly 11th January 2013 however that date is not 100% confirmed so it could be later in the year. Check out the trailer below which come with a poster both coming courtesy of our friends at HeyUguys

UFO also stars Julian Glover, Simon Phillips, Sean Pertwee, Andrew Shim, Jazz Lintott, Peter Barratt, Forbes KB and Maya Grant.

It started with a blackout, all power and communications down. Hours later city sized UFO’s invade the world’s skies. Then the war began… Five friends attempt to navigate their way to survival amidst deteriorating chaos as the world descends into terror and anarchy during an alien invasion and interstellar war.