The Man With The Iron Fists Trailers For Bronze Lion & Madame Blossom

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If you love the violence, blood & guts, old school Kung Fu Rza’s The Man With The Iron Fist looks like it will provide you with that fix. Set in Fuedal China RZA plays a blacksmith of a local village who he creates weapons for them to defend themselves from invading marauders who intend to kill them all. Tonight we have 3 videos on offer, first two are character trailers for Lucy Lui‘s Madame Blossom and MMA/Actor Cung Le’s Bronze Lion. Both trailers may not exactly provide 100% new footage but there’s enough tidbits in these videos to make them worth you while to check them out especially for the crazy action sequences with the Lady Blossom  trailer teasing us a little with her relationship with Jackknife (Russell Crowe). In the final video we get the films first featurette which has RZA talking about his love for Martial Arts films and Quentin Tarantino’s inspiration on his filmwho just happens to be one of the film’s producers!

The Man With The Iron Fists will arrive in UK&Ireland December 7th, 2012 and also stars Jamie Chung, Byron Mann, Rick Yune, David Bautista, Grace Huang, Pam Grier, and Gordon Liu.

source IGN /Deadline