March 25, 2023

Sacha Baron Cohen To Become The Lesbian! Well Producing It!


He’s been white guy who thinks he’s black Ali G, Kazakhstan News Report Borat, Gay fashionista Bruno, The Dictator and now it looks like he’s about to become The Lesbian! Well not exactly. The British actor’s Four By Two Films production company according to Deadline has done a deal with Paramount Pictures for The Lesbian to be one of the 2 pictures in the deal, a film which is apparently based on a true story!

It’s believed the film will be based on a story about Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao who offered $65 million dollars to any man who would marry his daughter who happens to be a lesbian. However in recent events a French Church recently gave their blessing for Chao’s daughter to marry her girlfriend, it’s certainly a story you would here in those crazy story sections you find in newspapers around the world.

No word if Sacha Baron Cohen will star in it but it is likely he will some believe he will be the father however we all know how crazy eccentric he can be, we could also see him be the ‘Lesbian daughter’ which would be hilarious. Taking that direction is typical Cohen but at the moment this project is miles away from production as they have not writer or even a targeted release date, So would you like to see the actor play the lead role or  who would you like to play that role?