Paranormal Activity 4 Unveils Recap Trailer & Infographic

It’s nearly time for the return of Katie for her yearly ghostly scares in Paranormal Activity 4 this time she has familiar company in the shape of little Hunter who we last saw in Paranormal Activity 2.The saying of Father Like Son, in PA4 it does look it’s going to be Aunty like nephew as Hunter (now Robbie) in the words of Bryan Mills seems to have gained a particular set of skills, those skills been to spook some innocent victims Alice and her mum. To get us in the mood for some serious spooking we have a new infographic gives you a breakdown of those possessed, the victims, survivors, number of deaths, the overall PA Family tree before the infographic we have a recap trailer getting us up to speed on the whole myth of Paranormal Activity, all its missing is the Soap soundtrack!

So will Paranormal Activity 4 fit into the franchises myth? Whatever it’ll be we’ll find out tomorrow when the film arrives in UK&Ireland