Jack The Giant Killer Becomes Slayer , Release Date Announced

Once he was a killer now he is a slayer Bryan Singer’s Jack The Giant Killer has a new title as Warner Bros tweak the much delayed fairytale re naming it Jack The Giant Slayer. The title has been changed to make things a little more ‘family friendly’ however slayer personally has the same impact as killer making the change a little more confusing if anything odd.

It’s not just a new film title Jack The Giant Slayer also has a new release date, well for the American release at least of 1st March 2013. The new date is thanks to Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium moving to August so Bryan Singer’s epic 3d fairytale fantasy adventure now has it’s March slot

Reasons are unknown for why Warner really decided to change things apart from given a reason was to give the film a more family friendly title despite the fact both killer and slayer are both not really family friendly names. Curious to really why the film’s release was moved to 2013 in the first place usually it’s the film is clashing with big films or simply scenes had to be rewritten and re-shot or is the 3D awful?

If you’ve forgotten what the film is all about Jack The Giant Slayer is a fantasy epic of a young farmer boy(Nicholas Hoult) who accidentally re-ignites a ancient war between humans and giants opening the gate between the two worlds.Below is the trailer they released many moons ago and frankly had a bit of negative response hence the original delay could possibly be re-writes of some sort. With the film originally meant to have been out June 15th and now we should be promoting the film’s home entertainment release, Warner Bros have their work cut out to convince us we should see this in March or whenever UK&Irish date is confirmed as so far the it’s been a mediocre response. Jack The Giant Slayer also stars Eleanor Tomlinson, Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy, John Kassar, Ewan McGregor, Ian McShane, Eddie Marsan.

[update – UK&Irish release date is now 22nd March 2013]