Get back down to the cinema

With all the possibilities of streaming movies at home via the internet, it’s not surprising that some people have got out of the habit of going to the cinema to watch the latest film releases.
But when you think about it, you really can’t compare the two – sitting at home in front of the television or computer screen with your mediocre microwave popcorn that never tastes quite right or the thrill of sitting in a darkened cinema theatre waiting for the film to begin with a bucket of popcorn and a big bag of M&Ms on your lap.
Of course, you may have a great screen and sound system at home, but it’s unlikely to come anywhere near the sound quality and size of screen that you get in the cinema. And does your settee or armchair cocoon you perfectly like a cinema seat does? I know mine certainly doesn’t!
If you’ve not been to the movies for a while, there probably isn’t a better film to get you back in the cinematic zone than this Autumn’s action blockbuster Skyfall. The latest Bond movie is Daniel Craig’s third as 007, and is the first to be directed by an Academy Award winner director. Sam Mendes, who got his Oscar for American Beauty has gathered an awesome cast for this Bond movie, which sees Bond’s loyalty to M put to the test as shadows from her past reappear.
With Javier Bardem (think No Country for Old Men), Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw all appearing in Skyfall, this is a Bond that appeals as much for its inspiring cast as its amazing action scenes which have been filmed all over the world.
And to get even more out of the cinematic experience, see if you can get down to the Cineworld IMAX cinema Edinburgh, Sheffield, Crawley, Birmingham or Ipswich, where you can watch Skyfall in the most immersive cinema setting possible.
And seeing Daniel Craig save the world (again) is guaranteed to re-kindle your passion for the cinema as a great night out!

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