15 April 2024

Fast Girls DVD Review

Telling the tale of 22 year old Shania (Lenora Crichlow – Being Human), a talented young runner from a London council estate, and her journey to the athletics World Championships, ‘Fast Girls’ is a compelling and vibrant movie that will leave you smiling.

Being director Regan Hall’s first full length feature, ‘Fast Girls’ is an excellent debut and certainly indicates towards greater things to come for Hall. Regardless of following the typical story arc of it’s genre, ‘Fast Girls’ feels like a refreshing take on a commonly told story, thanks to talented writers Noel Clarke, Jay Basu and Roy Williams. Focussing on the drama’s that arise from the female character’s relationships, thankfully the romantic storyline takes a backseat – ensuring that the film avoids sliding into the chick-flick genre it so precariously avoids. Despite being predictable, the scripting and performance make ‘Fast Girls’ one of the better feel good films of the summer.

Featuring a young, talented, and exclusively British cast, this movie confirms that there are some very bright stars in the British acting catalogue. Included in this list are current TV stars Lily James (Downton Abbey) and Bradley James (Merlin), both turning out impressive performances as focussed athlete Lisa, and romantically ambiguous physiotherapist Carl respectively. And that’s not to mention the leading lady herself. Crichlow gives a forceful performance, pitting herself as one to watch out for in the future.

The cinema release of ‘Fast Girls’ coincided perfectly with the wave of Olympic Fever that struck Britain this summer. Similarly, it’s DVD release has come along right at the point where withdrawal has begun to sink in for many of us who were hooked on Olympic coverage during the past few months. With any luck, these factors will help to raise the popularity of the film, giving this independent film the recognition that the hard worked poured into it deserves.

The DVD extras don’t offer up anything too spectacular, but are enjoyable enough. A host of interviews and behind the scene’s footage give an interesting insight into the training process that the leading actresses underwent to get into shape for the movie.

With a film of this genre (somewhere between feel-good-film, drama and chick flick) it’s unlikely to break beyond it’s target audience, but for what is it it’s very enjoyable and easy to invest in.

Jo Heinemeier


Rating: 12
UK DVD Release date: 8th October 2012
Directed by: Regan Hall
Cast: Noel Clarke, Lenora Crichlow, Lily James, Tiana Benjamin, Philip Davies

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