Two Viggo’s Are Better Than One,Watch Everybody Has A Plan Trailer

He is a multi talented and multi lingual actor, Viggo Mortensen  when he can add Spanish, next German,French,Danish,Russian, Swedish, Elvish as well as playing a double in the Argentinian film Everybody Has A Plan (Todos Tenemos Un Plan). Ann Piterbarg’s film Viggo plays Agustin  a man desperate to exit his unfulfilled life in Buenos Aires and finds a way out when his twin brother Pedro is killed so takes up his identity. Hethen heads  back to his home town an area once for the capital city’s elite population now a haven for the criminal underworld and its then things go downhill.

Mortensen is an actor who is widely respected at The People’s Movies & Cinehouse and Everybody has a plan looks like further evidence of how widely respected he is.he’s also an actor who chooses his parts carefully sometimes a sign of how good the film is and the film has just made it’s international debut at Toronto Film Festival to respectable reviews. The film has just opened in Argentina but at this moment in time no UK or Irish dates have been confirmed but don’t be surprised to see this one appear at your local arthouse film house.

Everybody Has A Plan also stars Soledad Villamil, Daniel Fanego, Javier Godino and Sofía Gala Castaglione.

Everybody Has A Plan tells the story of Agustín (Viggo Mortensen), a man desperate to abandon what he has gradually come to feel is an unfulfilling existence after years of living in Buenos Aires. Following the death of his identical twin brother Pedro, Agustín sets out to begin his life anew by assuming Pedro’s identity and returning to the mysterious Tigre Delta region where the brothers had spent their childhood. Soon after his homecoming, however, Agustín finds himself unwittingly embroiled in the deadly criminal underworld that his brother had been part of.