Secret Cinema Announces 19th Production & Secret Gallery




28th September 2012, London UK – There is a storm coming, but we have hope and beauty. Secret Cinema announces its 19th production in a secret central London location.

Launching on 31st October through 2nd December, Secret Cinema, working with The State of Oak Hampton, will clamp down on vicious crimes through investigation and punish the thought as well as the offense. The State will also fund a meteorological station headquartered somewhere in London to trace the skies and bring daily reports to our contenders and offenders.

Secret Gallery will launch as part of this production to bring existing artistic talent and emerging graduate work into a four-dimensional immersive space. This new initiative will be dispersed throughout the performance space and will form artworks relating to themes and subject of the production, blending seamlessly throughout the journey. To submit art or inquire, contact:

Following its production of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, the most adventurous and epic to date, Secret Cinema has re-defined the cinematic experience and seen more then 25,000 Brave New Venture Employees travel to space. This groundbreaking production converted a warehouse into a futuristic spaceship for a month and brought to life a new format – Live Cinema – whilst smashing box office records in the UK to define it as the highest grossing screen for the film. (38 shows, 28 days and three 3D cinemas).

“I’ve been distracted by other worlds, including an outing to a Secret Cinema extravaganza. The labyrinth world they’ve created is great fun, especially the room with a ceiling covered in lilies. Personal freshness is not a problem anymore; the flowers pump out a beautiful perfume” commented Terry Gilliam on Facebook following a visit to Secret Cinema presents Prometheus.

Future Cinema will take its pioneering concept to New York, launching in early 2013. Film, music, performance, art and technology come together to create the next generation cinema experience.

Tell No One.

Since 2003, over 150,000 people have attended Future Cinema productions, with a global online community of over 2.8 million.

This will be Secret Cinema’s 19th production.