Patrick Stewart Set To Return To X-Men World?

Patrick Stewart Set To Return To X-Men World?

With the follow up to the successful X-Men:First Class, July 2014 will see the release of Matthew Vaughn’s follow up X-Men:Days Of Future Past a familiar storyline to comic book fans and this film may also bring back a very familiar face, Patrick Stewart.

With the X-men Universe about to challenge its fellow Marvel Entertainment heros with the long awaited The Wolverine sequel coming 2014 and X-Men:Days Of Future Past Patrick Stewart suggested he may return to the wheelchair to play Xavier once more.You maybe thinking what about James McAvoy?  Days of Future Past is a storyline that sees the team get involved in time travelling which would see the young and older Charles Xavier sharing a storyline.

The veteran actor was quizzed by a fan on panel at the Montreal Comic Convention “I think there is every possibility,” he said, before he answered if he would go back , he then began to list the names of some of his female co-stars (Halle Berry,Famke Janssen, Rebecca Stamos,Anna Paquin) then finally answering , “Yes, I’ll be reprising…”

With filming not due to start until January 2013 talk of who will be joining the regular cast will all be just pure speculation , but when you look at it how many times have we heard actors say they would love to return something special to them? Alot of times so we wont totally dimiss the idea nor will we give it our 100% support.January is only 3 months away official casting wont be that far away¬† so when it comes we’ll do our best to let you know in due course.

X-Men:Days Of Future Past is scheduled for a 18th July 2014 release.


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