Hunter Spooks All In New Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer!

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Like many film franchises Paranormal Activity many people will probably think this franchise has had it’s day possibly but here at The People’s Movies we still enjoy the scare or two Paranormal Activity provides. With 3 weeks to go before the 4th instalment arrives a new creepy trailer for PA4 has arrived online which gives us a little more insight into the story for this film.

The franchise has created an mythology especially for Katie who has been in all the films and with the last film going back to Katie’s childhood looking at how the whole paranormal fiasco started so it left a gap from film 2. That film the possessed Katie took infant Hunter but now film 4 she has returned with young Hunter who seems to be called Robbie who seems to be learning how to spook and creep new victims. Last night at Fantastic fest the film had it’s first screening however anyone expecting the same scares and thrills may not like the word coming from the screening as it’s not good. PA4 is been described as boring , not adding anything new to expand the mythology , fingers crossed it’s decent film as the film fills the Halloween gap probably better than Saw.What is it with films now with product placement? Microsoft Kinetic becomes the latest gadget to find its self been advertised in a film, any how there is some good things shinning through we like so we’re looking forward to it!

Paranormal Activity 4 arrives in UK&Ireland on October 17th and 19th in USA.

source:MSN Movies