Help Bonny Come Home In New Clips & TV Spots For Seven Psychopaths

From the last trailer to this new clips and tv spots it’s no wonder Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths is the comedy must see film for the last part of 2012. I actually got a few emails questioning why I put Seven Psychopaths on the must see list for London Film Festival, which ended up been sold out for its 3 screening s within hours of the tickets going on sale, it scooped the fan favourite award at Toronto, review after review heaping nothing but praise, need I say no more!

Bring this f*cking dog home.” you say what Paul? Yes Help Charlie Costello (Woody Harrelson) help bring Bonny home, his little Shih Tzu and he’s desperate to get her back  and watching this PSA (public service announcement) clip he’ll do anything! This clip had us in rafters of laughter especially at the name of the foundation he creates from worried dog owners to weird strange men with rabbits in the next clip we meet Tom Waits but who is he, another psycho? Final video is 3 new tv spots showing off new footage  and even more reasons why we should see this crazy film. Seven Psychopaths follows the story of 2 dognappers ( Sam Rockwell & Christopher Walken) who end up kidnapping the wrong Shih Tzu, stealing it from psychotic gangster (Woody Harrelson). Colin Farrell plays a alcoholic film screenwriter who gets dragged into the whole affair.

Seven Psychopaths will be playing at next month’s London Film Festival before it goes on general release in UK&Ireland December 7th, film also stars Olga Kurlyenko,Harry Dean Stanton, Abbie Cornish, Gabourey Sidibe




If you think you know where Bonny is,read this flyer and contact charlie!