Family Fueds Galore In red Band Trailer For The Oranges

With Toronto Film Festival now in the second half of this years festival last year’s films are now starting to show face for their cinematic run and today we have a new trailer for one of them. The Oranges today shows off its new red band trailer and does seem to proves ordinary film titles can provide unexpected laughs than a film with a comedy laden title. The film was well received at last year’s TIFF but now seems to lack behind in its marketing however this new restricted trailer might just keep this one afloat.

Starring Hugh Laurie, Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt, Allison Janney, Adam Brody,  Alia Shawkat and Leighton Meester, The Oranges  is about 2 surbanite families best of friends but also look a boring bunch of folks too. But this all changes when the father of the Wallings (Hugh Laurie) decides to have an affair with the Ostroff’s daughter (Leighton Meester)! Can these be the most dysfunctional families since the Griswolds and Kranks? . I’m on the fence with this one I was never a fan of House but it would surprise many people to realise Hugh Laurie actually started as a comedian so comedy is back to his good old days and with majority of his time now in USA could affect how well the film does in his native UK.

The Oranges will be out in UK&Ireland December 7th but will it be the new national lampoon’s Christmas vaccation?

source Vlicious