Anton Corbjin : Inside Out DVD Review

Anton Corbjin : Inside Out  DVD Review


Anton Corbjin : Inside Out is a recent doc that seems to have went straight to dvd about the brilliant photographer and sometimes film director Anton Corbjin. Anton Corbijn is probably most famous for his work with Joy Division, U2 and Depeche Mode. He also directed the films Control (biopic about Ian Curtis of Joy Division) and The American (with George Clooney).

The film is basically a snapshot about Anton’s transition from famed photographer to film director and his lifestyle in the last few years. He is very much a loner who travels the world photographing the rich and famous. It’s deals with his small family with his sisters, and aging mother.

The film could have used a bit more input from his friends talking more about his work. It also features quite a bit of making of footage from The American but a bit of making of footage from Control would have been nice. It does features quite a lot of photography and his music video work but still could have used a bit more. However it does tell you a about his why he started photographing musicians and why a lot of his work has religious imagery, because his father was a pastor in his native Holland.

It’s overall a insightful documentary on the best rock photographer since Mick Rock. As previously said a little more input from friends about his work would be good and less scenes of him looking bored in a hotel room. It does leave much to be desired about explaining his motive into making feature films. It is certainly worth watching especially since it’s a grand total of 80 minutes.

Ian Schultz

UK DVD/BD Release Date: 17th September 2012
Directed By: Klaartje Quirijns

Cast: Anton Corbijn, Bono, James Hetfield, Martin Gore

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