Ahoy There Mateys! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day Today!

Ahoy maties!

Today, September 19th, has been christened International Talk Like A Pirate Day, say ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGH! Obviously this is a most important day for the lovable crew of THE PIRATES! IN AN ADVENTURE WITH SCIENTISTS, so why not celebrate with us by getting your readers to join in the pirate-y fun? We’ve got some fabulous signed posters that we can offer you as booty for the best pirate talkers on the seven seas!

We’re also asking fans of the film to change their Facebook languages to “PIRATE” for the day with the following dastardly instructions:

Be loggin’ in to your Facebook account, sail on over to the “Settings” menu, and click most heartily on “Account Settings”. Ye rogues will see the “My Account” page. Click on the Languages tab, now ye must click on the “Primary Language” menu. Use your pirate pointers or hook to scroll most of the way down towards the end of the list. Ye will be seein’ “English (Pirate)” – avast! Choose to talk like a pirate!

You could help us win them over by setting sail with this bootilicious Lubbermatosis clip…..

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