Watch The Sound & Music Featurette On The Dark Knight Rises

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Now here’s a cracking little featurette to enjoy on your lazy Saturday early evening, from SoundWorks Collection watch the sound & music featurette on The Dark Knight Rises. Below you have a fascinating 9 minute featurette video profiling the sound and music team including Composer Hans Zimmer and Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Richard King. In the video you’ll learn about Batman’s newest flying toy The Bat and how the sound was created using some crazy names Jet, Blade, Growl, Buzz Flange, Bat Moan. It’s really a superb featurette and featurette’s can be at times be a little generic not revealing more or anything we didn’t already know but Soundworks do provide you what featurette’s should provide.There is a ton other great behind the scene clips, images here make this video worth your while.Anyone looking to get into post video/sound production I recommend you check this video as well the many other great films Soundworks have dissected for your entertainment, check them out at there page here.

I know The Dark Knight Rises was a overall success but had things film fans didn’t like though there was many film fans who loved everything about the final film. One thing you can’t argue Christopher Nolan visually (& audio ally)has created a franchise  something really special re-inventing a iconic character  with near perfection  setting a standard which many film makers will attempt to match, beat some will many wont. The Dark Knight Rises is in cinemas in UK, Ireland and USA now, read our review here.

SoundWorks Collection – The Sound and Music of The Dark Knight Rises from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.