Watch The Awesome New Looper International Trailer ,Viral Launches Too

When the project for Looper was announced I wasn’t really excited about it but soon as the first footage arrived things changed and ever since we’ve had new trailers this film just seems to get better and better and today we have a new International trailer! It’s probably down to the fact each piece of new footage does reveal something new and exciting but only drip feeding us enough to get you in the mood for the next one.Talking of the next trailer this trailer comes from the film’s French promotion, which sets the mood and look of the film , plenty of action going on there’s even a slightly better look at the time travelling machine itself.

Looper is set in a future where time travelling is possible with Joseph Gordon Levitt plays Joe a hired gun or ‘Looper’ hitmen or women who travel back in time to where travelling was not possible and execute their targets. When Joe receives a new target he has the task to killing his olderself,Bruce Willis roll on the cat& mouse chase, guns, explosions and action.

Overall Rian Johnson does look like he’s created an fantastic film and what better place to deliver the world premier of Looper at The Toronto Film Festival. What’s more exciting about that news is it’s the opening film which could potentially be seen as a sign of how good a film is as this prestigious festival doesn’t pick any tom.dick or harry for its gala films.

Ever fancy been a Looper yourself? Well you can as the film’s viral campaign has kicked off with the launch of  the films viral site. We haven’t visited the site just yet but First Showing have visited the site and it’s essentially promoting the ‘Looper Network’  the group which manages all the Loopers which includes Joseph Gordon Levitt. To become a Looper you need to sign up , you can do it via your facebook log in details, once in you’ll get a profile page, choose weapon, vechile and you’ll get your first mission, there’s even some prizes too to be won (seems North American winners only at the moment). Your first mission it seems you’ll be greeted by Jeff Daniels who plays Abe and it looks like the missions may lead to something big or some sort of revelation, so what you waiting for?!

Looper is set for a September 28th release for UK, Ireland and USA, the film also stars, Paul Dano, Noah Segan, Piper Perabo and is Directed by Rian Johnson.