Top Ten Unexpected Celebrity Voice-Overs in Films and TV shows!

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As Ice Age 4: Continental Drift makes waves at the box office and Brave(review here) is released this week(today in Scotland); we look back on some of the most surprising voices behind our favourite animated characters from a host of our favourite family films and grown up cartoons.

Jennifer Aniston – Who would have guessed that squeaky clean Rachel fromFriends would be the voice behind a South Park character as she guest stars as Mrs Stevens!

Bette Midler – Legendarymulti Grammy Award-winning singer, actress and comedienne Bette Midler made an unexpected cameo as the voice of evil felineCats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore

Malcolm McDowell – Famed for his edgy role in the classic cult hit Stanley Kubrick’sA Clockwork Orange, McDowell makes a surprise appearance as the voice of Professor Moriarity inTom and Jerry Meets Sherlock Holmes

Justin Timberlake – Who would have though the ‘sexy-back’ himself, was the voice of the beloved Boo Boo Bear in 2012’s Yogi Bear?

Kunal Nayyar– The Big Bang Theory’s resident mute found his voice for the role of Gupta the Bengali badger inIce Age 4: Continental Drift

Joanna Lumley– Everyone’s favourite PR darling leant her voice to the role of Lady Maudeline Everglot, a cold, unloving mother in Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

Ryan Kwanten – Best known for his heartthrob status is the sexy vampire showTrue Blood, Ryan makes a surprise appearance as beautiful Barn Own Kludd inLegend of the Guardians

Fat Joe – The musician made his animation debut as the rapping Emperor penguin Seymore inHappy Feet

Wallace Shawn – Known to us as Blair’s loveable stepdad Cyrus inGossip Girl, it turns out Wallace is a character King having starred in a series of animated favourites fromCats and Dogs, to Toy Story and Kung Fu Panda

Nina Dobrev – The beautifulVampire Diaries star surprised us all my lending her voice to the hilarious Family Guy