TIFF 2012: Disturbing Trailer & viral For Brandon Cronenberg’s Antiviral

Like father Like son The official trailer for Brandon Cronenberg‘s Antiviral has arrived online providing the body horror that made Daddy famous and what David Cronenberg fans have been crying out for, for a very longtime!

Caleb Landry Jones (X-Men:First Class, Contraband) plays Syd March a worker at a local specialized clinic which people people pay to be harvested by diseases which their idols/celebrity hero’s once had to feel closer to them. In a era which celebrity obsession is at an all time high this film is very relevant as some fans do take that obsession to another level some you would call disturbing  as it controls their lives. Throw in the fact Syd also deals on the black market using himself as a ‘mule’ finding himself stuck in a web of deceit which puts his own life in danger. This looks disturbing, creepy very dark narrative but uniquely engaging something you would truly expect from the Cronenberg household. How would you describe this? Could you call it body horror? Thriller? Horror? Mystery? Probably a combo of all them with a big dash of Arthouse gyle  making this a interesting  film to check out, though I wouldn’t watch this munching on your cheese nachos, hotdog or for that matter anything as this will freak some people out!

No UK, Irish or American release date just yet, Antiviral will make its North American premier at next month’s Toronto Film Festival, so expect this before the end of 2012 or first half of 2013. Antiviral also stars Sarah Gordon, Malcom McDowell and Douglas Smith.

Watch the film’s first clip and short viral clip too!