Third Spoiler-esque Trailer For The House At The End Of The Street

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When it comes to new trailers, spots any type of footage here at The People’s Movies love to provide as much as we can to entice your interest in a particular film. However sometimes we have to draw a line in providing that footage to prevent that footage spoiling your enjoyment of that film but at times it’s tricky to decide but in the case of the third trailer for The House At The End Of The Street it’s easy to decide it’s spoiler-esque. The release date of this film September 21st is going to help the box office sales a little like the way Red Dawn remake as Jennifer Lawrence has now starred in The Hunger Games though this just seem coincidental rather than choice.

So why is this trailer a spoiler? It basically gives the whole story away but keeping what looks like the sinister sister out of the picture but teasing with the odd shadowy figure or part of the body.Nothing worse wasting £10 of your hard earned cash on something the trailer has spoiled. For horror fan this one may go down a treat but for film fans who may not be Horror genre’s biggest fans this one maybe passable if you don’t watch this trailer. House at the End of the Street is released in UK cinemas on 21st September the same day as USA, and co-stars Elizabeth Shue (C.S.I,Hide and Seek, Piranha), Max Theirot (Foreverland) and Gil Bellows (Ally McBeal).

Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) stars in THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, a spine tingling thriller directed by Mark Tonderai (HUSH) and also starring Elizabeth Shue (Piranha 3D) and Max Thieriot (Chloe.) Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence)and her mother (Elizabeth Shue) move to a new town only to find that they are living next door to a house where a young girl murdered her parents.Locals claim that the girl mysteriously vanished after the incident, but as Elissa becomes close to the girls brother (Max Thieriot), she learns that a dark and terrible secret still lurks within those walls and this sinister story of murder is far from over.