John Goodman To Play Bad Guy In The Hangover Part 3?

John Goodman To Play Bad Guy In The Hangover Part 3?

With The Hangover Part 3 getting closer to start production are per usual the gossip levels start to intensify a little. We already know The Wolf Pack themselves Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis all returning for one last time and  Variety  are reporting that John Goodman is about to join the cast for one final fun in the sun.

The report is saying The Artist/Big Lebowski star will play a small but vital role in the film. It will be a villainous role and will be in the vein of the role played by Paul Giamatti in The Hangover Part 2 though Giamatti didn’t play a bad guy.Todd Philips is a film maker who loves to embrace his cameo roles and all his films have had the odd unexpected ‘big name’ cameo and the report also mentions Sean Penn along with Robert Downey Jr who worked with Philips on Due Date may make a appearance too.

If they do appear they will join returnees Heather Graham, Sasha Barrese, Mike Epps and Ken Jeong all reprising their franchise roles.As history now tell us The Hangover 2 was just a carbon copy of film one which frustrated fans, so we’re hoping Philips keeps to his word and break the model. The already rumoured Wolf Pack members breaking Galifianakis from a mental hospital heading to warmer party climate does look the potential break that might give the Wolf Pack the big ending they desire.

source: Variety

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