Joe Carnahan To Direct Daredevil? But Will Fox Give Up Galactus?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or live on Mars to agree  comicbook films are big big money for film studios, so constantly we here of talk of film studios fighting to get their hands on the potential next big thing. Reboots are also very popular sometime a little more popular than new films so it’s no surprise Daredevil is subject talk of possible reboot with The Grey director Joe Carnahan in line to direct the reboot.  So why Daredevil? Simple reason on October 10th, 2012 the rights will revert back to Marvel Entertainment so getting a director onboard it may solidify the chances of the film been made however it doesn’t leave 20th Century Fox time  and director Carnahan time to pick the cast. So it opens the door that maybe Fox and Marvel/Disney may consider some sort of swap?

Reports where stating that Marvel were willing to extend Daredevil’s rights for exchange for use of Fantastic Four’s villain Galactus for use in what would be The Guardians Of Galaxy film. However though that would be great but Fox own the rights of Fantastic Four  and there already working on the FF4 reboot lead by Chronicle director Josh Trank so this option wouldn’t suit Fox.

I was never a fan of the Ben Affleck version however I have enjoyed the comicbook and if Carnahan is the man to bring this reboot back to the big screen it looks like it will take a gritty route. It’s reported this film will go for a Frank Miller-esque 1970’s hardcore thriller using Miller’s Born Again  storyarc as a base for the film. The story sees Karen Page (played by Ellen Pompeo in 2002 film) leave Nelson & Murdock to pursue a career as an actress but finding herself addicted to Heroin and starring in pornographic films. With her life on a downward spiral she’s desperate for a hit she sells the alter ego of Matt Murdock (Daredevil) which Kingpin gets his hands on driving Daredevil into a pit of insanity and destitution. If this is the story there aiming for you can sign me up in the fan club and this could potentially be the ‘adult’ comic book character film studio’s have been desiring for.

Unless your Spiderman, Batman or Superman Franchises are the best option in comic book films so Fox don’t want to give up on Fantastic Four or Silver Surfer projects so if Marvel use Galactus maybe a co-financing agreement might be the answer. Reports do say Carnahan was approached by Fox however no offer was made But for now it does seen Daredevil maybe the first Marvel character to head home, so with October 10th deadline not far away an announcement could be imminent.

source Deadline